Alika has become one of the most important representatives of Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall music in the Spanish language. Notably influenced by the Hip Hop music, the style that she has heard since she was a child and with which she took her first steps in music.

Alika was born in Uruguay in a working class family in the the 70´s. Her mother with very strong “Guaraní” roots was born in Paraguay and her father was born in Uruguay, so they lived in Montevideo during Alika’s childhood. At the age of 6 they moved to Argentina, where she made her scholarship career. Her interest on another cultures force her to study History also.

In 1994 she founded “ACTITUD MARIA MARTA”, one of the first rap band of Argentina with Dálessio. They gave a lot of shows and were known by the press as a “revelation”. Finishing with this they recorded only one album “ACORRALAR A LA BESTIA” (1996 Polygram).

Alika decided in 1999 to start with her own proyect based on Rastafarian roots culture, standing out by her clear and direct lyrics that talk about respect, dignity, and the system oppression, the confidence in oneself and the everyday problems in the ghetto. With well known MC’s from Chile, the country where she gave form to “NO DEJES QUE TE PAREN” (2001 Mabrak discos) her first independent production, which was recorded with very low economical resources.

This has been notably influenced to young people that could listen to it.So in that way she started to show in public her new work. In 2003 she recorded her second album well received by in South America with tracks like: “PACENCIA”, “DEMANDA”, and “ENCENDEDORES”. In 2005 it comes her third work ” RAZÓN, MEDITACIÓN Y ACCIÓN ” where her music sounds as ROOTS as never before and has tracks like ” COSTUMBRE DE MATAR” and “NO LE DES FUERZA A BABILONIA”.

Her charisma and show presence has taken her to share soundsystems and concerts in many different towns and countries like USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. In the beginnings of 2006 came from Germany ” EL RUGIDO DEL LEÓN”, a LP vinyl with tracks of her last productions. At the end of 2006 Alika recorded with Mad Professor one of the most anticapated albums for 2008 which the genius of DUB produced in Ariwa his studio in London UK.

At the end of 2007 Alika is finishing “EDUCATE YOURSELF”, the name of the new album that promises a good piece of dancehall keeping the fire on her lyrics with very important collaborations.

Press critics:
“In Alika y la nueva alianza are well mixed in a RIGHT WAY THE Hip Hop and the Reggae music where the communitarian attitude of Hip Hop is putting on the right service of the Rastafarian speech, her albums are considered jewelry in South America Reggae music. The messages in her lyrics are about unity, respect and dignity.”


2001 no dejes que te paren ?
2003 Sin Intermediarios
2005 Razon, Meditacion, Accion?
2006 Rugido delleon vinilo