John Mclean

John McLean was born in Hammersmith in the early sixties into a large family. John began his singing career from the very early age of 7 years in the choir of the school he attended. His voice was considered so good that he often was the soloist in choir performances.

Also at this time with his interest aroused, he joined a few local bands which gave him an incentive to continue within the music business. At the age of 16 years, he started singing with the sound called ‘Black Starliner’ which he was not only a active member but also owned, and still has an interest in today.During his days with the sound system, a signature tune for the sound was put together by the same name of the sound, which a little later became his debut single.

‘Starliner’ did very well, and a follow up single was released called ‘Open my heart to you’ which also got a very good response. Although John’s main interest was in music he considered it in his interest to have an occupation. To this end he studied and is now a qualified train driver, a very responsible job and a great achievement for one of such young years.

During 1987, John visited Ariwa Studios with his manager Sinbad, the result of which was his debut single for the label called ‘If I gave my heart to you’ which when at first heard by Mad Professor, had the makings of a hit. These thoughts proved correct for the record rose to No 1 in the Reggae charts and has entered the national charts. John has since has the release of his first album “Bowled Over” which again shows his versatility and writing ability.

John continues to write music and lyrics for many more songs, he plays the piano and bass guitar which helps in his music writing. When John bas a few spare moments, he enjoys playing football and rugby, but always music plays a major part in his routine and he hopes to have more success in the future.