Are we Mad?

Located adjacent to the main Ariwa Studios, Are we Mad? consists of equipment from the original Ariwa Sounds. The desk was built by Mad Professor in 1979 and more channel were added as the facilities grew. After starting in Bruce Road SE25, the Studios moved to Gautrey Rd in 1982 remaing there for 4 years, producing many lovers rock and roots hits. Relocating to the present address in 1986 the desk and the the sound of the studios was further refined, producing even bigger, more sophisticated hits. The studio spent three years in the basement of Bridgstock road, it was then rechristened Are we Mad? .The facility continued it’s hit making sound with the number one album “Ghetto Youths Livity” from Chukki Starr. The new facility also contains two rehearsal rooms, one Preprogramming suite, and a dancing room.

1 x Otari MX 80 mk 2 24 track 2″ audio recorder
1 x Studer A800 24 track 2 inch machine
1 x Roland SDE330 Delay
1 x Roland SDE 3000 Delay
1 x Lexicon PCM 80
1 x Lexicon 224 classic Reverb
1 x Lexicon 480L Reverb
1 x Electrospace Spanner
4 x Drawmer Gates
2 x DBX 160 Compressor
1 x MXR Pitch Transposer
1 x TC electronics D1
1 x TC electronics M2
1 x Alesis Masterlink Hard disk Machine
1 x Sony Dat machine
1 x SSL SL 4000E 48 channel, 96 input console
1 x Tascam Da 30 dat machine
1 x tannoys 15 inch Monitors

1 x Aurotones
1 x Crown DC 300 Amplifer
3 x Adat XT digital Recorders
3 x Bel DBX Noise Reduction units
1 x Yamaha SPX 990
1 x Yamaha SPX 1000
1x Furman Spring Reverb
1 x MXR Phaser
1 x Great British Spring
1 x AMS Phaser
1 x Survival Spanner
1 x Roland SRV 3030
1 x G4 Mac with Protools, Reason and Logic Audio
1x Alesis Hard disk HD 24 recorder.
Various top quality Microphones
Analogue to Digital / Midi Locking devices.